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About Us

PolyClinica No.1 was founded by like-minded professionals who are committed to providing the highest levels of clinical care and patient experience, underpinned by the best facilities and the latest medical technology. Our founders have been helping patients to access high quality healthcare in London for the last 5 years. Together, we have created an organization to meet the exacting standards and demands of our patients, who quite rightly want the best. Our model promotes preventative care, underpinned by ethical decision-making that ensures every test, scan or treatment is of clinical value to our patients.

Our philosophy is founded on the following principles:

  • We believe the patient should come first and each patient is unique
  • We believe in clinical excellence delivered by world class doctors
  • We believe in ethical treatments underpinned by clinical outcomes
  • To provide the latest medical technology in the best facilities and service
  • We believe doctor appointments should not come with time limits
  • To provide a seamless and efficient journey for patients